Hypatia Online Symposium on Climate Change

Crucial knowledge for the future of life on earth!
Symposium on Feminist Philosophy and Climate Change, online live now and through 8/22.

The Philosopher's Eye

Climate Change—Editors’ Introduction



Professor, Department of Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University


Professor, Department of Philosophy and Institute for Women’s Studies, The University of Georgia

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In the midst of our putting the final touches on this special issue of Hypatia on climate change, the level of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere passed the critical threshold of 400 parts per million, as measured by the monitoring station atop Mauna Loa, Hawai’i on May 9, 2013. This is the highest concentration of CO2 the Earth has sustained in three million years and is a clear signal of the negative impact of human actions on our climate systems. Our dependence on fossil fuels and other pollutants has resulted in a 41% increase in heat-trapping gases and the current state of climate chaos and uncertainty. Given the weak political response to climate change, many…

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